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With Microsoft Teams to be the fastest growing business application in Microsoft history, it’s no question that organizations in a variety of industries–including government agencies–want to start utilizing it! Within this session, Microsoft’s Rima Reyes covers why and just how GCC, GCC High, and DoD customers ought to be using Microsoft Teams within their organizations every day.

With regards to work, government departments need to understand workplace trends to make sure that there’s a structure in position to satisfy business needs. Rima focused on the standards that should be considered and why Microsoft Teams is really a comprehensive solution during these situations.

Multiple Generations Cooperating

Since government organizations are frequently a melting pot of generations, getting communication apps in position that permit these different generations to correctly interact is extremely important.

Team-Based and Collaborative

80% of worker time is spent collaborating with other people. Microsoft Teams will help streamline the procedure and permit GCC people to interact a lot more easily.

Transitioning towards the Modern Workplace

You will find an believed 51% of authorities workers qualified for telework today. Which means that organizations need environments in position to permit these teleworkers to speak as efficiently as you possibly can.

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Tabs/Apps Feature Availability:

With increased apps and tabs becoming obtainable in these environments, Microsoft Teams can make the current workplace much more efficient for GCC organizations. Bots, connectors, and extensions will end up obtainable in the GCC atmosphere eventually, but they are regrettably not planned for GCC High and DoD.

Conferences Feature Availability

With Microsoft Stream becoming obtainable in GCC Microsoft Teams environments, tracks and meeting features can help organizations within the public sector keep better records of organization-wide conferences.

microsoft teams

Following the loudspeakers finished speaking about trends and what’s currently available within the GCC, GCC High, and DoD Teams environments, they pointed out a couple of fundamental steps to get began:

  1. Pilot users in waves. Allow it to be iterative, and begin having a select few of reliable users in Wave 1 (concentrate on small wins).
  2. Start the pilot, THEN determine governance and compliance
  3. Shift-playing the gamer-coach mentality
  4. You may also start today!

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