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Cloud Backup versus. Cloud Storage

When organizations are searching to maneuver towards the cloud, they might hear “cloud backup” and “cloud storage” and think they’re synonymous. However, this isn’t the situation! Cloud backup and cloud storage are a couple of separate services, and organizations ought to know what they’re and just how it may better serve their business needs.

What’s Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is really a technique for copying data which involves delivering a duplicate from the data more than a public use or private network for an off-site server. This allows easy accessibility data when it all of a sudden must be retrieved.

What’s Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage, as based on Microsoft, is “a service that allows you to store data by transferring it on the internet or any other network for an offsite storage system maintained by a 3rd party.” Including holding and copying emails, pictures, videos, along with other data of the individual. Which means that companies can safely transfer and store documents internally without requiring lots of physical hard disk drives to keep their information.

So, Which is the best for You?

Well, this will depend. Different scenarios demand different services.

For those who have important data that may be compromised with a catastrophe, backup would keep the data intact as it is stored, or “backed up,” to some third-party server. For instance, say you’d important healthcare info on your business hard disk however a storm came and destroyed your workplace and all sorts of your data. Whether it was backed to the cloud you could get all your organization’s pertinent information instantly. Regrettably, though, you’d still need customize the laptop.

cloud backup

However, cloud storage can behave as a hard disk for the organization and theoretically store an limitless quantity of worker files. For instance, should you have had employees use laptops that may only store 256GB of information, however they needed 2TB of space for work, you could utilize cloud storage to keep and access all their files on their own organization laptops. Which is all without getting to invest extra cash on more hard disk drives!

That’s it, at this point you be aware of variations between cloud backup and storage and types of when you’d desire to use each. If you wish to find out more about cloud backup, take a look at our on-demand web seminar, “Office 365 Backup: What you ought to Know for Backup within the Cloud.”


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