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Microsoft Team FAQ

Ignite 2017 is now upon us, and heavy organizations and Microsoft-y geeks everywhere are busy assembling their wish lists for which they aspire to hear. I’m exactly the same. Sure, AvePoint is definitely an independent software vendor and core Microsoft partner but in the finish during the day, I’m still just at work 365 user. So what exactly is it that I’m wishing is underneath the tree once the keynotes start today? It’s really quite simple really.

First and most likely most significant, it’s most likely time that Microsoft creates some clearness round the collaboration vision at work 365. It’s perfectly understandable that they’ve spent the final several several weeks heavily innovating on technology to alter the way you collaborate, and they’ve done an admirable job at this, however a pause to collect our breath and get to know where you can place our bets for future years will be a welcome change of pace.

Microsoft Teams originates storming from the gate and been a significant subject of conversation both within my organization and in the numerous organizations I speak with within my daily work. There’s something concerning the mixture of ongoing conversation and prepared use of much-needed sources all in one interface that’s very compelling. But because of at this time, it truly only works when the group I’m collaborating with concurs to possess our conversations and conferences in Teams. If you have a couple of email stragglers inside your group they’re certain to miss lots of what’s happening in Teams because the notifications which go into email from Teams don’t quit much info. I believe were beyond the times of people wringing their hands and saying “what’s the main difference between Yammer and Teams” as much was already stated with that subject, but there’s another potential conflict giving me concern right now. I’m able to send messages through talk to individual users in Teams, which lot looks nearly the same as the type of face to face chatting I’ve been doing for a long time In Skype for Business. For some time, it appeared like Skype had top of the hands on conferences since i could integrate a telephone bridge for individuals not able to obtain voice online, however that differentiator disappeared just lately and today Teams has it too. Similarly, the opportunity to generate a Teams meeting from the Outlook ribbon crept into my world just lately too. And to an early on point, it’s difficult to know after i should send a person a Skype chat versus a Teams chat because based upon their configuration they might never view it. Which means this boy hopes that at ignite this season we have seen a obvious vision for Skype and Teams and may begin continuing to move forward to the way you will collaborate around in the future. Oh by the way–  some awesome provisioning APIs for Teams could be awesome too ?.

I went and made it happen-I pointed out Yammer up above. Don’t misunderstand me, I believe Yammer is a terrific way to communicate to folks I have no idea I will be reaching, however this factor with Yammer connected groups has me confused. “Yammer connected” groups are Yammer groups that have several the normal Office 365 Group services, like SharePoint and Planner, connected together. Without a doubt, SharePoint is an excellent spot to store documents which are being collaborated on so it seems sensible that you want to affiliate something similar to SharePoint using the Yammer group. But because of the viral nature of methods Yammer groups get produced, I am not so i want SharePoint sites to possess that very same viral nature. In many organizations I speak with, there’s more scrutiny and a focus on governance of SharePoint then there’s for Yammer. As of this moment, the only method to don’t get SharePoint when you are getting a Yammer group would be to switch off the power for users to self-serve the development of office 365 groups- that appears pretty extreme and never something most organizations need to complete. And additional, Microsoft continues to be coming behind and developing a new Office 365 Groups and connecting all of them with my non-connected Yammer groups as i was sleeping. It is always good to obtain some vision about how exactly and when Microsoft decides to deal with the “Yammer is viral so SharePoint is too” approach.

Let’s focus on the factor I’m most looking forward to. It appears that for nearly the final 2 yrs, the SharePoint team has worked constantly to get at a place where they’ve parity with many different things SharePoint has been doing for a long time but to possess individuals features become more modern, more desirable, and simpler to make use of. Significant investments in such things as modern lists and libraries, the brand new SharePoint page model and framework as well as related technologies like flow and power apps are basically modern methods for accomplishing jobs that SharePoint has classically performed. While they’re significant and welcome innovations in the manner that people do what we’ve always done, it will likely be great to determine the vision organized for the following year or even more. They’ve done the research to solidify the abilities and usefulness of SharePoint, and also to me appear poised to consider that one stage further. We’ve already seen brief glances at such things as the brand new SharePoint admin center, OneDrive discussing and file access enhancements, much deeper and much more direct integrations with Flow and PowerApps in the team within their May event, and so i can’t wait to determine what else they’ve up their sleeves. It is always good to possess my thoughts blown by things Never imagined SharePoint could do.

So individuals are only a couple of of my wishes. It is always good to listen to yours, and I’m quite sure we’ll revisit this space for any “here’s what we should learned at Ignite” publish from me soon. I’ll make sure to explain the way we did around the hopes and dreams expressed here.

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