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Relocating to the SharePoint Server 2019 platform isn’t a little task. It takes lots of planning and creating a comprehensive technique to ensure an even transition and manageable implementation. Oftentimes, it’s useful to utilize an authorized Microsoft Partner, like AvePoint, to make sure your business has got the support it requires all the way.

Microsoft partners have experienced everything and for that reason might help be sure that your migration technique is robust and efficient. Every customer differs, however in general, any migration strategy will include the next.

1. Data Auditing

Identify which information should proceed to the brand new platform and which information can be taken off in the system.

2. User Journey Analysis

Consider how users will work in SharePoint, which customizations are integral somewhere, which training users should effectively navigate the brand new system, and which provisioning and governance rules ought to be in position.

3. Collaborative Planning

Involve stakeholders from over the organization within the initial planning discussions to make sure all user scenarios are thought and priority features are decided.

4. Initial Testing

Begin small by moving some data and users towards the new system to recognize any missing functionality, anomalies with data and possibilities to enhance the atmosphere before a largescale unveil. Any users involved with testing may also function as sources and advocates for that new system to reduce help-desk demands.

5. Manageable Migration

Regardless of how much planning and minimization is finished before the migration, it’s likely issues will arise. Be ready to encounter some speedbumps on the way and also have a intend to address these problems to prevent extended delays inside your rollout.

6. Ongoing Oversight

When the migration is finished, maintain oversight from the system to make sure submissions are being managed effectively, governance rules are now being applied properly and updates are implemented easily.

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