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Microsoft Teams is really a fast-evolving application built on the top of numerous Microsoft services. Actually, changes happen so rapidly that it may be simple to overlook a few of the smaller sized details featuring available.

Considering this, Microsoft MVP Tony Redmond spent his Ignite 2019 session “Stuff you never understood about Microsoft Teams that could be important at some point” highlighting lesser-known features and tips in Microsoft Teams. For individuals short promptly, we’ve compiled six of the very most interesting takeaways from his presentation below!

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Group Chat Workshopping

Group chats in Microsoft Teams are effective spaces. Due to their focused nature and limited scope (there is a 100 person limit), they’re great places to go over ideas before getting these to a sizable general funnel for wider scrutiny.

You’ll likely obtain a slew of opinions should you throw a concept right into a general funnel, but the number of of these is going to be helpful and really relevant for your way of thinking? Beginning in group chats enables like-minded individuals to get together, figure things out, debate the problems, and are available to some conclusion before welcoming an outdoors perspective.

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Priority Access versus. Urgent Messages

The Don’t Disturb status is ideal for when you ought to get things refrained from interruption. That stated, you will find likely a couple of core individuals who should achieve you regardless of what. The priority access list enables anybody onto it to disregard Don’t Disturb and phone you regardless. It’s capable of being managed under Privacy in client settings.

However, anybody can send a sudden message. They merely operate in chats, and they’re well suited for when you really need something done rapidly. They’ll keep alerting every two minutes before the recipient responds. Urgent messages are delivered during Quiet Hrs within the mobile application!

Don’t Get Caught By the possible lack of a Spell Check 

Microsoft Teams doesn’t feature a computerized spell check like you may be accustomed to in Word. It is because the Microsoft Teams word editor doesn’t make use of the Office dictionary or any user custom dictionaries. You cannot “teach” Microsoft Teams new words either. If you are focusing on an essential publish that you would like to make sure is ideal, it’s better to first types in Word after which paste it in Teams.

Naming Teams: Suffixes versus. Prefixes

Prefixes are an easy way to help keep objects together inside a list. That stated, since users see Teams within the left rail, adding a prefix won’t permit them to begin to see the full Team name. Utilizing a suffix enables for much better visibility. If you have a lot of Teams with prefixes, Tony suggested leveraging Powershell to scan your Teams and slowly move the prefix towards the suffix position.

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Where Do Deleted Teams Go?

When Teams first get deleted, they’re going right into a soft-deleted condition for thirty days. During this time period you are able to recover the soft-deleted Office 365 Group and restore all of the connected sources (including Teams). More about Teams restoration here.

Following the thirty days are up, work 365 Group is permanently removed and becomes irrecoverable. If you wish to accelerate this method, you can just hard delete the audience object from Azure AD.

Obscuring Your Background During Video Calls

Besides the blur functionality (which may be activated by pressing CTRL+Shift+P), it had been announced that users can set custom backgrounds for video calls. Which means that you can take any photo you’ve and upload it to Microsoft Teams for video conferences.

However, setting obvious-cut guidelines from the beginning in regards to what type of backgrounds are acceptable is essential. This fun feature could turn ugly (or simply plain distracting) otherwise.

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