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An advantage of building a tech blog continues to be the chance to operate directly with leaders within the space. The best blog content we’ve had originates about through collaborations with one particular partner: Microsoft.

Not just was AvePoint one of the first Microsoft SharePoint Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), but we’re also a four-time Partner of the season recipient. We employ two Microsoft Regional Company directors, five MVPs, and take a seat on four Microsoft Product Advisory Councils. Needless to state, we’ve developed some good relationships with Microsoft employees through the years.

Below you’ll find a lot of our newest posts featuring key figures from Microsoft. Are all full of insights and tips about Office 365 that you could start employing As soon as possible. Enjoy!

1. Inside Strategies for Increasing Your Organization’s Microsoft Teams Adoption

By Rima Reyes, Senior Program Director, Microsoft Teams Engineering Product Group


How can you recommend getting began with Microsoft Teams?

Pilots are an easy way to begin using Microsoft Teams. Many people start pilots using the folks inside it, after which proceed to include various users from around the globe to check connectivity and the like. I’m not always saying that’s wrong, but the easiest method to begin a pilot is by using a reliable number of individuals who really interact to attain a typical goal. If you include “randoms” in the organization they’ll haven’t much need to leverage Microsoft Teams…

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2. Frustrated: How you can Ensure Operational Governance for Microsoft Teams

By Roxy Ndebumadu, Customer Success Manager, Microsoft


Dux: I’m sure you talk to numerous customers because they’re looking forward to Teams. They would like to deploy it, especially since it’s obtainable in the federal government community cloud. So, what are the initial steps you’re seeing your clients do to unveil Teams and make certain they get good adoption and usage?

Roxy: I believe where starting within the public sector is around the evaluation. Lots of my customers–and lots of my colleagues’ customers–are really evaluating the utilization cases for Teams and how they’re going for doing things in HR, finance, and marketing groups, and that’s where starting.

We’re beginning to assist them to define what individuals use cases are when it comes to how they’re likely to collaborate, transform the work they do atmosphere, after which generate the governance piece. They’re attempting to understand, “Okay, after i get my use situation and that i setup this template for every different division that’s going utilize it, how shall we be likely to govern it? What exactly are our naming conventions likely to be?”

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3. How you can Create Bots and Optimize Your Microsoft Teams Atmosphere

By Jace Moreno, Microsoft Teams Platform Lead


With the strength of Microsoft Teams, can there be still a situation for remaining with Skype for Business?

It’s a great question, though a frightening one because it isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. We’re very happy with Skype for Business however, we’re always hearing our customers and dealing non-stop to assist them to get more tasks completed. With Microsoft Teams, we’ve evolved the concept of what communication tools look like and transcended the standard ways organizations use them…

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4. Result in the Move: How you can Efficiently Transition Users from Skype to Microsoft Teams

By Pouneh Kaufman, Director, Principal PM, Finish User Services Engineering


Technical Readiness 

Whenever we first started the entire process of transitioning users to Microsoft Teams, we needed to make certain we built trust with everybody. We accomplished it by ensuring i was technically ready coupled with all of the features that everybody needed on the day-to-day basis. The merchandise required to meet the requirements in our users otherwise adoption could have been even more complicated.  

To make sure an even transition, we used Microsoft Teams in a side-by-side mode with Skype for Business for any lengthy time for you to get users used to the Teams platform. We used for both collaboration for any lengthy duration of time…

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5. Vital Microsoft Teams Adoption Questions Clarified In-Depth

By John Moh, Principal Consultant, Business Productivity Domain


Do you know the top two challenges to effective Microsoft Teams deployments large federal agencies are facing?

Working together culture. We typically use email for all things in large federal organizations, and Outlook continues to be the hub for working together till Microsoft Teams came around lately. Don’t misunderstand me, I still love email (and also have spent a large amount of my career centered on it), however with Teams, email gets to be more valuable, not less. Teams isn’t a substitute for email it isn’t an or, but an and.

Microsoft Teams can improve working together and mission effectiveness with conversations instead of emails and channels instead of file folders, but we have to hinge its release with service adoption. Otherwise, you will see users “fighting using the tool” instead of seeing it as being a helpful tool…

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6. Expert Tips Organizations Have to Boost Microsoft Teams Adoption

By Karuana Gatimu, Principal PM Manager, Customer Advocacy Group


Strategy 1: Establish an adoption framework

Getting an adoption framework provides you with a basis to have an agile service management approach. Additionally, it enables a continuing iteration of adoption throughout your trip with Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

You will find three primary phases towards the adoption framework: Start, Experiment, and Scale. This framework helps enhance the core collaboration that teams could possibly get from utilizing Microsoft Teams. Additionally, it enables you to definitely onboard early adopters and those that can become champions later on…

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