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Put these Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Presents Underneath the Tree 

Dear Microsoft,  

I’ve got a couple of stuff that I would like for the holidays for Microsoft 365, Office 365 and SharePoint Online! 

My mother states that I’ve been a great boy this season. Due to our nation’s decreased reliance on coal, I’ve got a feeling that it is not as likely I’ll obtain a(‘nother) bit of coal within my stocking.  

Take a look at my list below (two times)! 


Hunter Willis 

1. More Microsoft Teams along with other Office 365 Finish User Adoption Tools 

The open test atmosphere that you’ve produced for Microsoft Teams is First Class! You’ve also clearly invested inside a new level of training and adoption content for Microsoft Teams that makes comprehending the solution much simpler, with a lot of meat and taters to assist create internal training content.  

In addition, there’s the Steps For Success center and other adoption tools that happen to be relied upon for any lengthy time. I understand I speak for that community when i state that ongoing this trend of improving free training content, easily accessible end user adoption tools and “tips and tricks” type material is a big also in assisting the onboarding process and ongoing practicing Office 365. 

At AvePoint, we’ve been doing our part to create materials like our newest eBook to assist both IT pros and end users on the proper way to use Microsoft Teams and manage Office 365 groups. We also have produced a number of tables on “When to make use of Microsoft Teams versus other collaboration tools.” 

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2. More reliability and connectors for Flow. 

Flow at work 365 is definitely an amazing solution which has a lot of promise. I have tried personally it to lessen my workload for normal tasks, as have thousands of others!  

However, with all of the testing and uses I’ve setup, Flow isn’t quite reliable enough to be the backbone of the Enterprise plan- but it’s almost there!  

I’d like to begin to see the solution still provide adaptability and a lot of amazing connections it provides, however with a little less unsuccessful kickoffs. Maybe more training like the walkthroughs and debugging sites can help too! 

3. Greater than 5,000 products inside a SharePoint list view 

The SharePoint list is really a flexible oral appliance it’s no question that a lot of organizations I talk to remain focused on utilizing their lists for that collection, maintenance, and inputting of information.  

The announcement this season that lists and libraries are now able to contain countless products/documents is a superb step forward! This being true, the simplest way to handle the metadata and knowledge mounted on lists and libraries is by views. Despite the fact that there are more methods for managing large lists and libraries, a lot of my customers hope this limit is going to be extended to a minimum of 100,000 products eventually. 

4. More PowerShell and API choices for Microsoft Teams 

Long. We all know it. Microsoft Teams is how situations are going. I understand more Microsoft Teams PowerShell and API options are not far off, but everybody wants them NOW!! Microsoft Teams is excellent and we’re greatly searching toward seeing how Bots and ongoing improvement in AI could make work and collaboration much simpler- along with the other settings, options, and integrations which are not far off!  

5. More specific roadmap guides for partners like AvePoint to still provide quality solutions 

We talk a lot, we’re practically besties, so we love the communication we’ve!  

We want to see the way you are approaching the discharge of the functionality through the developer roadmaps. This helps us understand the proper methods for apps and solutions outdoors from the Microsoft Teams and Office 365 functionality that people know is originating.  

This can help us incorporate integration strategy in to the reliable migrationcloud backup and restorecompliancemanagement, and governance tools offered by AvePoint to make platform management simpler in hybrid or cloud Office 365 and Microsoft 365 environments. 

But First and foremost Thanks 

Microsoft, I love the worth that you simply continue to increase Microsoft 365 and Microsoft ‘office’ 365 for the need for a continuing subscription license. (I’ll be having fun with the White board preview soon too!).

I’m happy these wishes are suitable for A lot of same return that you simply already provide for your subscribers. Appreciate all you do with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Office 365 to create work and collaboration simpler!  

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