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Microsoft Teams applications would be the secret sauce that Microsoft uses to boost the consumer experience and produce all of the different facets of work 365 toolset. Apps allow it to be simpler to not need to leave Teams to obtain the work you ought to get done, done. But what are most important overall? Within this publish, I will break lower five different apps everybody should use (and I’ll even toss in an added bonus in some places)!

Application #1: Video Apps (Stream and YouTube)

Microsoft Stream is definitely an application that enables you to definitely view and share pre-recorded videos from people of the organization. It’s a terrific way to facilitate town halls, training, along with other company occasions. At AvePoint, for example, we recap all of the wins and losses from your weekly lunch and learns in Stream so individuals who couldn’t result in the meeting can access that content afterwards.

An alternative choice that you desire to think about is YouTube. You may ask, “Why would i would like to allow YouTube within my internal portal where business should be done?” Well, say you’ll need video practicing something your business doesn’t cover. Content online could be a viable choice and integrating the YouTube application is really a way to rapidly reference that information instead of losing sight of the right path to find information about a relevant video or playlist. Getting reference material when you need it in Teams could keep you focused making discussing with internal teams much simpler.

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Application #2: Polly

This one’s a regular favorite. Polly enables you to definitely put polls within your Teams channels using a simple-to-use interface. This really is a different one we use internally at AvePoint whenever we have individuals lunch and learns I pointed out earlier. Basically want to know which topics would they want to consider for an additional week, I’ll go ahead and take best three hit products and set a “Polly” around it therefore we can poll they and determine our next steps.

Polly has lots of different use cases in Teams. Only a couple of these include:

  • Deciding between different types of documentation to transmit to clients
  • Voting on loudspeakers to provide at occasions
  • Assembling choices for lunch conferences
  • And so forth!

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Application #3: Karma

Karma is definitely an application that enables you to definitely give “kudos” for your fellow employees. We used this at the outset of our journey into Microsoft Teams to assist promote good behavior and habits. Consider it as being an interior scoreboard where individuals can provide one another points and progress the leaderboards.

From replying towards the correct thread inside a funnel to applauding a effective presentation, the key factor is making people feel recognized at work. Receiving positive feedback via Karma may also result in elevated Microsoft Teams adoption overall. This really is most likely the 2nd most useful application you can start applying (immediately after Polly).

Application #4: Project Management Software Apps (Planner, Trello, Wrike, Asana)

This 4th category is much more so a bucket of project management software apps. Microsoft Planner will probably be the easiest someone to add it’s very Trello-esque. Trello also offers an application of their own, and it is became a member of by other strong Microsoft Teams apps for project managers like Wrike and Asana.

Many of these project management software apps which you may be utilising externally could be introduced into the Teams experience. Much like with YouTube, the worth here’s for making it much simpler to completely build relationships individuals tools without getting to depart the Teams interface.

Application #5: Wiki

The final application that I’d prefer to mention is among the default apps incorporated whenever you produce a funnel. Personally i think such as this application doesn’t get enough love and, full disclosure, I did not know very well what the purpose of it had been initially when i first got brought to Teams, and so i deleted it. Once I started using Teams increasingly more, however, I found comprehend the distinct together with your Wiki application.

If you have a passionate spot to keep notes for teams and finest practices, that’s perfectly fine. However, Teams are frequently produced for just one-off projects with two disparate groups uniting that may require a full OneNote to actually collaborate efficiently.

To that particular effect, the Wiki application is really a lightweight method to perform a couple things. It’s a fast method for us to possess what’s basically a simple how-to steer. If two teams have to focus on a specific process but need to follow fundamental rules of engagement, the Wiki application is a superb spot to iron the rules everybody must follow in a single central, readily available location.

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The Wiki application can be purchased in handy for Team FAQs. This is particularly good for those who have a group that should stay current. Possibly you’re dealing with an accreditation process wish to be sure everybody understands the right messaging. Rather of simply highlighting it inside a funnel message, the Wiki application can be used a main understanding repository.

Lastly, though it’s fairly apparent, you may also utilize it as what it would seem: a simple, stripped-lower Wiki. Getting much more of your traditional Wikipedia-type content there can transform it into a great lightweight resource should you not require a full-on OneNote page or SharePoint Wiki application. So before instantly deleting it, consider should you prefer a light reference most of the Teams you manage.

Individuals would be the top 5 apps/kinds of apps to think about for the Microsoft Teams atmosphere! That stated, there’s an essential disclaimer that must definitely be noted here: Many of these apps are fully deployed available Microsoft Teams tenant. Within the government or GCC Teams tenant, your application option is basically limited to work suite. Have GCC recommendations of your? You can drop them within the comments below!

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