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Is the organization searching for cost-saving measures throughout the pandemic? Our recent web seminar “How You Can Spend Less By Leveraging Office 365” has your back.

Organizations all across the globe use numerous solutions and products to allow their teams to obtain the work they require done. They will use services like Trello, Box, and Zoom to create tasks simpler. What basically said getting each one of these disparate products isn’t just pricey, but doesn’t allow it to be simpler for finish-users to obtain work done either?

With all of these different disjointed services and products, finish users need to constantly bounce from resource to resource and visit different sites to handle all of their projects, emails, etc. This is when the good thing about work 365 platform truly shines. By relocating to and dealing inside the Office 365 ecosystem, organizations can leverage numerous services to obtain the work they require done all-in-one centralized location. Let’s dive into the most typical solutions Office 365 gives organizations!

office 365

For Email: Outlook

Email is among the primary types of communication today, so getting an ideal email provider that’s linked to all of your other services is important. Once you’re at work 365, you are able to leverage Outlook for numerous applications like delivering out meeting invites, discussing content, and much more!

It might seem just like a minute benefit with an email service that’s area of the same platform as all your other services, but because we expand alternatively choices it’ll soon become obvious why this really is essential to possess.

For Team Collaboration and Conferences: Microsoft Teams

With regards to team collaboration Microsoft Teams may be the most powerful platform currently available. Although you’ve 1:1 and 1:many chats, but you may also create Teams and channels to collaborate across different departments. Plus, you should use Microsoft Teams to setup conferences and conference calls as with Zoom.

office 365

Tying back to email, this really is an example from the large number of benefits that getting all of your services on a single platform provides! Having a service like Zoom, you would need to create links and undergo multiple steps to get conferences and calls setup. On the other hand, this isn’t the situation with Teams and Outlook. Search up all pertinent people’s calendars in Outlook–and make use of the Scheduling Assistant–to locate an optimal time that actually works for everybody before delivering out a Teams meeting invite using the link incorporated! The best of this? All you can do this directly in Microsoft Teams.

For File Storage and Discussing: OneDrive

With regards to file storage and discussing, organizations usually turn to services like Box and DropBox. But exactly how can an finish user store and share these files if they didn’t result from that ecosystem? Typically, you would need to by hand store all of the files. Discussing becomes a problem too because finish users wish to prevent versioning issues (which could be a real hassle).

Office 365 includes OneDrive, an exciting-in-one file storage and discussing service that mitigates these complaints. Saving files in OneDrive instantly safeguards the documents within the cloud so that you can access them everywhere, although simultaneously which makes it easy to share content. All that you should do is appropriate-click and share you and it may either share an immediate connect to the file in Teams chat or send it as being an e-mail! See what discussing appears like above.

For Project Management Software: Planner, Lists, and Tasks

With regards to project management software and planning, there are numerous services like, Trello, and so forth. The problem using these services, though, is they aren’t readily available in a platform like Microsoft Teams to constantly check and reference. Employees would need to constantly shuttle between each one of these solutions.

office 365

With Microsoft’s recent announcement of Lists and Tasks becoming available, project management software has become likely to be accessible at another level inside the Office 365 and Microsoft Teams platform! Stay tuned in for this blog to understand more about just what what this means is for finish users so when for doing things!


That’s it! This is the way Office 365 provides all of the common services that organizations have to collaborate every single day. Finish users no more need to bother about bouncing from site to site, and organizations can reduce the help they’re having to pay for. Making the proceed to Office 365 is essential for cost efficiency.

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