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The Liberty of knowledge Act (FOI) demands within Australia consume a much the same method of GDPR’s Data Subject Access Request (DSAR). a previous publish covering DSARs, we had that the complex request could cost organizations near to $315,000 USD.

The difficulties with handling such demands is principally because of three factors:

  1. The quantity of data a company generates during a period of time,
  2. Review costs connected using the request, and
  3. The energy behind reviewOrapproval process.

Like a company grows both business-wise (client data, information, etc.) as well as in quantity of employees, its amount of data will increase through the years. Without correct compliance policies in position, it might be even harder to locate what you’re searching for should you receive this type of FOI/DSAR request.

FOI Demands, Costs and expenses 1982-2017

Searching in the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ dataset, the believed costs and expenses for FOI demands from 2016-2017 is about 44 Million AUD. When compared to seven-digit figures of previous years, it’s apparent the government is just getting to pay for more for every request.

As review time, disclosure demands and also the cost to reply to these demands are growing, getting reliable information management practices in position is important. This isn’t merely a significant factor for answering individual demands, but additionally from the compliance and records management perspective.

4 Strategies for Effective FOI/DSARs

1. Precisely classify all your data.

Inside a previous article we went in-depth about how identifying or labeling data when it’s produced/received inside an organization is among the key support beams of effective information management. Classifying documents in line with the kind of information (sensitive, personal, private, etc.) or perhaps the subject (reports, presentations, project XYZ, etc.) reduces how long required to sort through and react to a FOI/DSAR request.

2. Understand how your computer data has been shared/converted.

Within the situation from the FOI/DSAR process, it is also vital that you point out that focusing on how information is shared or transferred across different systems is really a main factor. Data frequently is available in one format (stand out, tables, databases) and may sometimes finish in completely different format (email, word, stand out, presentation, etc.) as well as be shared outdoors your business (other government departments, 3rd party vendors, etc.).

3. Avoid data duplication.

Organizations frequently concentrate on data kept in systems like databases, but oftentimes exactly the same information for a person might be present in your email and stored on your hard drive or file share system. Besides this result in duplication of information (that is pricey and inefficient), it results in a potentially greater risk exposure with respect to the kind of information.

Enterprise Risk Management enables organizations to simply comprehend the lifecycle, location and use of data along with its implications to numerous functions, laws and regulations, rules and standards.

4. Implement an information mapping process.

Many organizations would take advantage of getting an information mapping process in position that enables these to rapidly and simply understand the type of data that’s shared throughout different systems, processes and entities. This could permit you to surface places where utilizing an automated data discovery process can certainly assist you to find out the information one has instantiated via FOI/DSAR.

Compliance Protector enables organizations to scan for data both on-premise in addition to cloud systems and rapidly set of FOI/DSAR demands.

In case your organization is getting challenges with meeting FOI/DSAR demands and also observe how AvePoint’s Compliance Solutions might help, you’ll find a lot of AvePoint Compliance Protector on the website, or obtain a live demo!

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