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AvePoint is excited to announce our extra features put into DocAve to assist you to overcome Salesforce’s own native data protection limitations! Building on the promise to supply a solution that can backup Salesforce and comprehensively restore all of your data, we’re presenting four new methods to secure your customer data.

1.  Recover and Backup Salesforce Metadata

With regards to data protection, getting full fidelity backup Salesforce solutions for record data, attachments, and metadata is essential to make sure you can fully recovery from the disaster. Metadata is particularly crucial, as it can certainly include email templates, apex code, custom object definitions, and workflows. Native backup options neglect to restore or backup Salesforce records, objects, or Salesforce instances with full fidelity. Using the latest discharge of DocAve Backup for Salesforce, metadata backup has become possible.

Backup Salesforce Metadata

Backup Salesforce jobs now include Metadata which may be exported in the History screen.

*Note: restoring metadata necessitates the Salesforce tool IDE to permit 3rd party restore of metadata.

2. Out-of-Place Restore

Until recently, DocAve Backup for Salesforce only had the capacity to revive data “in place.” Which means that data could simply be restored where it had been initially supported from. Using the latest discharge of, we’ve added out-of-place restore functionality. Records is now able to restored holiday to a Salesforce instance that’s linked to your AvePoint Online Services tenant.

This selection could be especially useful for organizations which are merging two Salesforce organizations, as they possibly can simply upload records from either backup Salesforce instances where it can make most sense within the merged organization. It is also ideal for Salesforce managers who’re searching to revive a production backup to some sandbox organization to be able to update their customizations according to real data.

Restore Salesforce Metadata

Restore records, objects, or organization  data to the production or standby organization.

3. Sandbox Atmosphere Support

Managers who value their Salesforce deployments will frequently test their changes and add-ons in non-production, “sandbox” environments. Now, with the AvePoint Online Services console, Salesforce sandbox organizations could be registered for use by DocAve Backup for Salesforce. This enables managers and developers so that you can continue developing new profession applications and configurations in Salesforce inside a sandbox atmosphere which includes production data restored from the DocAve backup.

Backup Salesforce Sandbox

Incorperate your Salesforce Sandbox Atmosphere for an AvePoint Online Services application profile to become incorporated inside your backups.

4. Record Restore Enhancements

Within this update, we’ve incorporated enhancements to the restore tactic to better meet your time to recover objective (RTO) service level contracts. We refer to this as feature “object-based restore”. Managers may use this latest feature to look for a record to revive and also the solution displays Salesforce backup jobs where the record resides. Now, you’ll find records to revive regardless of once they were supported.

Restore Salesforce Records

Find records to revive faster by hunting for a record name first.

 AvePoint Online Services Feedback and Support Integration

Additionally to supplying better quality backup and restore features, we integrated added exactly the same Feedback and enable Support features our customers utilize within our other AvePoint Online Services products. Customers are now able to connect with product and support teams quicker than ever. By uploading screenshots as well as in-context details for any clearer picture on their own issue, both sides is capable of a quicker resolution time.

Backup Salesforce with AvePoint Online Services

Begin a support web ticket easily from inside the DocAve Backup for Salesforce interface.

Find out more about DocAve Backup for Salesforce!

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