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SharePoint 2016 Features to delight your end users

Editor’s Note: This is an update of the publish initially printed on May 17, 2016

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It’s been annually since SharePoint 2016 grew to become generally available, even though AvePoint doesn’t really work on the most recent form of SharePoint Server, that does not mean we don’t consider it. Within this publish, our experts will offer you their opinions on which features have resonated with SharePoint 2016 users within the this past year.

Since its release, experts within the field have offered lots of input regarding new SharePoint 2016 features. One of the things was out like a favorite of countless in our experts, which was the raised hybrid functionality of SharePoint 2016.

From MinRole to mobile responsiveness to Zero Downtime Patching, AvePoint’s resident experts will be ready to share the SharePoint 2016 features that they’ve seen the city react to!

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John Peluso (@JohnConnected) is really a Senior V . P . of Product Technique for AvePoint along with a Microsoft Regional Director. He is a leader in assisting to shape solutions that drive both productivity and governance in large, complex, and highly controlled organizations. At AvePoint, John accounts for aligning product strategy using the key needs, problems, and initiatives of current and prospective customers. John holds Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Trainer certifications. He stated that although additional features only at SharePoint 2016 are somewhat limited, some certainly hit their mark with users.

John’s Take

“Hybrid is really a major driver and Microsoft has introduced in certain really helpful abilities – the hybrid search and hybrid auditing are huge for purchasers. They, enjoy individuals but individuals features don’t require SharePoint 2016. SharePoint 2016 has truly improved on hybrid functionality you’ve seen in the past versions of SharePoint.

SharePoint 2016 also provides improved hybrid search and hybrid auditing features, that are huge hits with this customers – especially individuals who be employed in highly controlled spaces like the medical and financial services industries. Also, SharePoint 2016 offers an infinitely more user-friendly mobile knowledge about the SharePoint Mobile Application, leading to more responsive mobile SharePoint pages as well as an improved consumer experience.”

Dux Raymond Sy (@meetdux) is AvePoint’s Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Technology Officer for AvePoint Public Sector with more than twenty years of economic and technology experience and it has effectively driven digital transformation initiatives for commercial, educational, and public sector organizations worldwide. Like John, Dux seemed to be keen on improved hybrid functionality in SharePoint 2016 and it is a Microsoft Regional Director.

Dux’s Opinion:

“I like how they’ve managed to get so SharePoint can interact with Office 365 and you may designate the workloads. In my experience, that’s the greatest value to SharePoint 2016. Microsoft has additionally given organizations more choices to really tailor SharePoint’s functionality to be perfect for their demands. Previously, SharePoint is a software that’s been placed on local servers. Now, Microsoft ‘office’ 365 has SharePoint Online, that is great, but many of companies want a mixture of both. Previously, when they desired to connect on-premises SharePoint to SharePoint On the internet and Office 365, you would need to get developers, custom code it, and have great results.

Should you consider Microsoft ‘office’ – Office isn’t a product. Office was Word, Stand out, PowerPoint, Outlook – consider SharePoint like this. SharePoint has search, it’s OneDrive for file discussing, sites for teams to operate on, etc. With SharePoint 2016, you can try all of these features and you may decide, ‘You understand what? For search, rather of utilizing native search, I will make use of the one out of Office 365.’ You are able to combine and also have that hybrid functionality. The general capacity of that’s the most effective feature they incorporated in SharePoint 2016.”

Ron Taylor (@slkrck) is really a Proper Consultant at AvePoint and it has aided numerous large companies within their implementations such as the US Air Pressure, Charles Schwab, and Nestle. He’s a former Microsoft engineer and it has labored around the SharePoint engineering team along with the OpsCon division coping with ITSM and Governance. He is really a printed author, co-author, and adding author. Ron is a huge fan of SharePoint 2016 and lauded the combination of their features.

What Ron Thinks:

“In my estimation, SharePoint 2016 may be the breakthrough version. This version appears to create together all the technologies I’ve formerly used individually (e.g., social, collaboration, search). The online version (Office 365 – SharePoint Online) adds much more features making individuals formerly pointed out technologies much more robust.”

Given the kind of work Ron does being an infrastructure architect, he stated he’s also keen on MinRole in SharePoint 2016.

“I like this I do not need to by hand set all of the services for any specific role of the server that’s within my farm with Feature Pack 1, extra PowerShell scripts were added to match the extra server roles and enhancements towards the support for small farms.”

Shyam Oza (@shyamoza) is Senior Product Manager for AvePoint, where he works directly with global organizations on crafting new deployment strategies utilizing hybrid and cloud environments with Microsoft technologies. Like John and Dux, Shyam lauded SharePoint 2016’s hybrid abilities, explaining what it’s such features allow users to complete. He is another fan from the Zero Downtime Patching provided by SharePoint Server 2016.

Shyam’s Perspective:

“When you are looking at popular SharePoint 2016 features, you need to discuss hybrid first. When i state hybrid, I do not mean within the general sense (e-mail within the cloud and collaboration in SharePoint Server is technically hybrid) however in the “SharePoint hybrid” sense. SharePoint 2013 somewhat missed the objective if this found hybrid. Features like federated search remained as within their early phases during this period and encountered lots of issues.

With SharePoint 2016, however, you’ve got a strong push for federated search (searching effectively across content, most of which is within Office 365 and most of which is on prem), you’ve integration from the Office Graph and encounters that do not confuse the finish user. It may now make sure that a person within their organization has got the same experience of SharePoint whether or not they are being able to access a website on premises or perhaps in the cloud.”

Shyam also commended Zero Downtime Patching being an invaluable way to save time in situations where time is money.

“SharePoint is really a business-critical service in lots of enterprises now, as well as getting it lower for any couple of minutes could cause lost revenue and headaches. Having the ability to apply updates to SharePoint server with no major restart of Internet Information Services (IIS) or locking sites lower is big in passing on versatility on when you should update this kind of important element of the organization’s collaboration strategy. For finish users this really is always a blessing – this means less and downtime emails.”

While SharePoint 2016 didn’t always reinvent the wheel, it provides organizations improved functionality in a number of key areas, namely search and hybrid functionality, leading to an atmosphere where information could be easier acquired from multiple sources, in-cloud as well as on-prem. Users were also given more options with regards to personalization of those features. After SharePoint 2016’s first birthday, it appears these everything has unquestionably made an effect with individuals who use the woking platform every day.SharePoint 2016 RTM has transpired and SharePoint 2016 has become generally available! Within this publish, We’re since the 4 Most Enjoyable SharePoint 2016 Features for Finish Users and what’s new in SharePoint 2016! In situation you missed it, browse the official announcement where the planet discovered all the additional features to anticipate in 2016. IT admins are excited for all those changes towards the backend of SharePoint, what in regards to you – the finish user? Being an finish user myself, fundamental essentials top four additional features in SharePoint 2016 which are most enticing.


 Hybrid, Hybrid, Hybrid

Using the push towards the cloud, hybrid deployments will in the end be commonplace. Now organizations no more need to grapple with selecting from a strictly on-premises deployment or going all-within the cloud since they’re no more exclusive. Companies can have a similar degree of security they’ve on premises but enjoy redefined productivity within the cloud. One of my personal favorite features for hybrid in SharePoint 2016 may be the new Application Launcher – which functions like a gateway for your Office 365 applications, including Exchange Online, Delve, and OneDrive. This enables you to definitely blend your server and cloud-based encounters together seamlessly.

I personally use OneDrive constantly to collaborate on files with other people. If you are huge OneDrive user much like me, you’ll benefit from the quick access to OneDrive from the on-premise Application Launcher. As the application resides in Office 365, Microsoft’s hybrid enhancements allow it to be simpler to gain access to cloud encounters from on premises. Now users could work on files from the unified place wherever they’re, across all devices.

OneDrive for Business is available both in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online.
OneDrive for Clients are available in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online.

But many exciting is adding Hybrid Search abilities, enabling you to search for content across your on-premises and Office 365 environments in one place. This selection can help you cut lower promptly spent searching both platforms. There are plenty of other great features for hybrid deployments, which we covered inside a previous publish. Which are you currently searching toward?

Hybrid search in SharePoint 2016 shows on-premises and cloud content on one page.
Hybrid search in SharePoint 2016 shows on-premises and cloud content on a single page.

Mobile Experience

Let’s also not overlook the new mobile experience. Getting the opportunity to work out of your mobile phone provides you with the ability to collaborate 24/7, from anywhere you go. The prior mobile experience wasn’t the very best, since Microsoft offered no dedicated application or responsive design. However, throughout the live announcement of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft really is amazing with the appear and feel from the mobile application – it’s modern, clean, and fresh. They are simply concentrating on the consumer experience and on your journey to a awesome, new believe that may ultimately help users become more productive from your readily available mobile platform.

The new mobile and browser views in Office 365, which will roll out to SharePoint 2016. Source:
The brand new mobile and browser views at work 365, that will unveil to SharePoint 2016. Source:

Microsoft also introduced a Responsive Interface Package for SharePoint on premises, made to adapt SharePoint views for your display size so that you can focus on any device. Microsoft Senior Program Manager Vesa Juvonen illustrates the various views in the blog publish and video on Funnel 9.

Delve and also the Office Graph

With SharePoint 2016, Microsoft brings the strength of Office 365’s Delve and also the Office Graph to on premises. The new SharePoint webpage design incorporates top links, suggested sites, as well as an activity stream for every user based aggregated by using Office Graph. SharePoint 2016 also integrates Delve, a workplace 365 application that leverages the strength of Office Graph to come to light the information best for you. In SharePoint 2016, you are able to launch Delve from the on-premises Application Launcher – another illustration of how enhancements aim towards saving you time employed in SharePoint.

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What’s Next?

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