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In the last couple of days, you’ve most likely discovered much more about what’s new in SharePoint 2016 than you understood to inquire about. From feature packs and nil-downtime patching to enhanced hybrid and mobile encounters for finish users, the unveiling on May 4 demonstrated SharePoint 2016 had something for almost everybody.

If you are one of the numerous who definitely are relocating to SharePoint 2016 from the non-SharePoint information management system like file shares, or SharePoint 2010 and older, your priority is probably getting data for your destination directly, rapidly, along with the smallest amount of economic disruption.

It may seem the following logical step after deciding to help make the jump is buying software that matches these criteria — however, the particular movement of information is just area of the project. That is why we’ve posed four fundamental questions you should ask yourself while preparing for the SharePoint 2016 migration project.scheme

1. Which SharePoint service fits your needs? The kind of service you select – SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online, or perhaps a hybrid model – creates a tremendous difference relating to your information architecture, the way you move your computer data, and which SharePoint 2016 features you can make the most of. Therefore, it’s vital that you make certain your business is dictating the way you construct your SharePoint according to need, not only with regard to while using newest technology.

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2. What sources have you got available? You would not buy a new house simply by signing an offer for that first house you want, without a minimum of thinking about budget and move-in date. Approach your preparation for migration projects exactly the same way – moving to SharePoint 2016 is going to be a much more pricey undertaking should you not first align the folks, processes, and tools required to really make it happen.

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3. Exactly what does your present atmosphere seem like? Should you move chaos from point A to suggest B, you’ll have chaos in the finish of the migration. To make sure your brand-new SharePoint 2016 atmosphere launches without fail, it’s fundamental to comprehend the information and data architecture inside your legacy atmosphere and reorganize where necessary. Think: Which submissions are cloud-ready (for hybrid deployments)? What ought to be stored on premises? What may require restructuring?


4. Which migration path fits your needs? Not every migrations are produced equal. Without in-place upgrades, native abilities only permit direct migration to SharePoint 2016 from SharePoint 2013. What this means is everybody else remains with three migration options: manual, scripted, and third-party. Be diligent when researching the important thing benefits and variations of every to choose the upgrade path and migration software that is the best for your company.

Get the migration project began using the SharePoint 2016 Migration Guidelines White-colored Paper, which supplies a prescriptive method of planning and executing a effective migration project.

Included in the SharePoint 2016 Readiness Guide, you’ll also get access to a complementary web seminar and blog series detailing what’s new in SharePoint 2016 and the way to start your migration project today!

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