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Another month, another slew of recent webinars covering various facets of Microsoft 365. Whether you’re searching to understand more about Yammer communities or wish to finally master Office 365 Groups, February’s selection must have something to meet your requirements.

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Feb 25, 10:00 am EST

Office 365 makes your business more lucrative than ever before, however the latest and finest features may take you one stage further.

We’ll demonstrate how you can leverage the brand new Yammer Communities to empower understanding discussing. We’ll also highlight ways to use the first cool product at work 365 since Microsoft Teams, Project Cortex, to allow understanding management.

In addition, MVPs Paul Olenick and Simon Denton goes over building a strong records management enter in Office 365, including how you can automate the identification and classification of records. Lessen the burden of by hand classifying your records–your finish users will like you for this!

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Feb 26th, 11:00 am EST

microsoft 365

Groups would be the secret sauce of Office 365.

Groups unlike other Office 365 apps aren’t a real tool a person have access to like Microsoft Teams. Rather, it’s the actual framework for the way the various apps within Office 365 are connected.

Microsoft’s Michael McLean and AvePoint’s Dux Raymond Sy will give you clearness to what you ought to know to be able to optimize Office 365 deployment.

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Feb 27th, 11:00 am EST

microsoft 365

Through customer engagements, we’ve identified six of the very most practical and impactful use cases for Cloud Management that will help you to take advantage of your workplace 365 investments.

Office 365 offers extensive and expansive productivity benefits. However, getting caught in tiresome and redundant administrative tasks is one thing that occurs too easily and too frequently. Learn the best way to simplify and automate individuals redundancies.

For instance, let’s if you have to maneuver content in one tenant to a different to regulate the dwelling in your atmosphere. To do this natively, you would need to download/upload or run copies via Powershell – producing a greater possibility of human error. However, with Cloud Management, the operation is an easy drag &amp drop leading to time saved.

Join AvePoint’s Proper Consultant, Wendy Henry, as she walks you thru the very best 6 use cases that benefit your business and guarantees a roi with Cloud Management.

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