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Because of so many organizations working at home, copying your Microsoft 365 information is more essential than ever before. Download our free ebook “Why and how to Backup Your Workplace 365 Tenant” today!

With regards to copying Microsoft 365, many think it’s simply about creating sure your computer data is stored and recoverable when lost or accidentally deleted–but that’s not very true! It is also fundamental to make certain that file encryption, monitoring, and notifications are established to secure all your information. Let’s break all these lower a little.

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File encryption

Among the big challenges that people see organizations facing is ensuring their backup solutions are encrypting data. This is often an issue because the amount of security supplied by third-party backup solutions is generally tied straight to the ISV itself when the vendor’s data security is weak, organizations go ahead and take hit.

This really is one key area where AvePoint’s solution differs, once we provide a bring-your-own-key initiative with Azure KeyVault to supply that extra layer of security. So, although we instantly generate unique file encryption keys for every tenant, this can make sure that organizations have been in full charge of the file encryption of the supported data.

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Auditing &amp Monitoring

It may be cumbersome to by hand audit and log all the information that’s being stored and maintained by another-party solution, so proper monitoring is crucial.

This where getting an answer that integrates with Systems Center (SCOM) to supply a completely independent log of admin activities has major upside. SCOM simplifies the entire process and makes monitoring all your backup jobs and reports simpler.

Need for Job Monitoring

It’s important, especially in early stages, to possess a concise method to monitor all your backup jobs which have been setup. It is because you have to make certain the tasks are being operate on the right objects and also at the right occasions.

If you would like lengthy-term success, consider buying a third-party solution that logs all backup and restore operations and offers detailed reports in early stages. You can catch any missed jobs–or identify ones that aren’t necessary–and configure your backup solution accordingly.

Email Notifications

With all the job reports being run and getting SSCOM to appear through them, one might ask why getting email notifications is really important. The reasoning is straightforward: many organizations and admins still choose to be notified by email when jobs and reports are completed. Getting email notifications system is additionally a more positive method to monitor your backup solution rather of getting to continually log to the interface to export reports.

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Getting notifications setup may also allow it to be simpler to learn when you will find any potential difficulties with the backup jobs. It’ll provide reassurance meaning that its not necessary to continually by hand look into the solution since you will be notified when issues arise.

And that’s it! Three critical factors of the backup solution every organization must consider when searching to optimize their Microsoft 365 backup security. With file encryption, monitoring, and notifications setup correctly, your organization’s tenant is going to be guaranteed and guarded regardless of situation.

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