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This publish is dependant on our Office 365 web seminar of the identical name. Watch the entire recording here!

Because of so many organizations embracing the cloud and Office 365, it’s essential that one critical bit of the puzzle isn’t overlooked: the folks. As innovative and effective because the Office 365 platform is, it will not result in elevated productivity in case your users reject or don’t learn how to utilize it to the full potential. Gino Degregori and Mark Dyer of Bravo Talking to Group sitting lower with AvePoint CBO Dux Raymond Sy to go over how organizations can leverage change management they are driving Office 365 productivity.

What’s Change Management?

Change Management isn’t nearly activating technology or applying a brand new process should you not take a look at how that new implementation will impact people, you’re likely to face some challenges. To be able to truly leverage the entire potential of Office 365, it’s crucial for users not only to adopt new releases, but additionally embrace individuals services in their natural rhythm of labor.

It’s natural that people fear the unknown if a person all of a sudden is available in states “This, this which are changing” users will probably resist and tune out with regards to fully maximizing the brand new software. For this reason Change Management is vital, along with a strong plan in the start can help you:

  • Increase the prospect of your project’s success
  • Manage worker potential to deal with change
  • Capture people-dependent Return on investment
  • Build change competency in to the organization

office 365

Part 1: Job Aids

Job aids are important to user success. They permit users to make use of and re-make use of the information presented to them. Bravo highlighted four key attributes all job aids must have:

  1. Simple but informative
  2. Detailed so users possess the information which they require, although not excessively complex or lengthy
  3. Consistent. For those who have a number of job aids, make certain there is a consistent feel and look that’s easily recognizable
  4. Accessible so users can certainly get out there and locate them. Users must have to constantly email admins to discover where this stuff are. Have these questions convenient location everybody knows.

Part 2: Hands-on Training

Users learn diversely the things that work for just one person isn’t guaranteed to get results for another. Hands-on training is a superb way of having the ability to focus on as numerous types of users as you possibly can.

When deciding building a highly effective training regimen, you’ll be thinking about what users do day-to-day and just how Office 365 tools could make individuals tasks a little simpler. Take advantage cases relatable and highly relevant to what your users normally do.

Obviously, a main pillar of the is creating champions in your organization. Like a trainer, there’s only a lot that you can do and a lot of people you are able to achieve in a with time. By developing a network of champions, however, you are able to designate people during your organization to become Office 365 ambassadors to various kinds of users.

office 365

Advantages of Hands-on Training

Lower your problems: Many users have a similar problems that appear over and over. By augmenting your training to pay for individuals items you can mitigate most of the calls and tickets that you will encounter.

Increase efficiency: Users knows the products as well as their abilities, and will also make sure they are more efficient within their roles.

Increase awareness: Sometimes users just aren’t conscious of what’s possible with Office 365. Supplying wide-varying training will state them.

Increase security: If employees learn ways to use the products properly, it’ll naturally boost the security of the organization. It will not only decrease errors and accidental leaks, but users may also learn how to leverage the built-in security abilities of Office 365.

Modernization of Technology: While you train your users, make sure to educate them concerning the latest and finest when it comes to software abilities. If you would like your business to become as up-to-date using the technology, you have to begin with the floor-up and introduce it for them in workout sessions.

Part 3: Communications &amp Metrics

You are able to distribute job aids and also have your users undergo workout sessions, but it’s the communications and metrics that actually bring everything together. These don’t only help be sure that your training and job aids are individuals right areas, but additionally that they’re leading to elevated growth and Office 365 usage. Accurate metrics also aid you identify potential weaknesses inside your training course.


Accurate Office 365 adoption metrics could be helpful in a number of ways. Included in this are:

Overall Use: Who’s while using atmosphere? The number of artists are using it? Is the adoption rate nearer to 50% or 90%? What takeaways could be gleaned out of this data?

% of Employees Trained: If you are only training exactly the same small group, this means that your communication isn’t right and you aren’t training everybody you have to be.

Proper Communications: Evaluate which communications method works best for your business and make customized messaging to inform them what’s available. Should you aren’t obtaining the message out and addressing common questions whenever possible, the metrics will state the best way to improve that communication.

Address the most typical Issues First: Check out your help-desk, see where the majority of the issues are originating from, and discover what problems users are getting so that you can wrap solutions to individuals inside your training and job aids. Knock the reduced-hanging fruit first after which return with an ongoing basis to reevaluate and find out how things change.

To understand how proper governance holds all this together (and the way to implement effective governance controls for your own personel atmosphere) watch the entire web seminar here.

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