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Microsoft Teams originates a lengthy way since its initial rollout at the begining of 2017. At AvePoint, you’ve seen Microsoft’s agile development cycle shine firsthand as additional features get added and direct demands get addressed regularly. There isn’t any doubt that Microsoft is constantly hearing feedback and continuously increasing the platform.  

Knowing that, we made the decision to brainstorm a few of the things you want to see improved or put in future updates within the next couple of many years of Microsoft Teams. In no particular order, listed here are our top chioces. 

1. Tighter Integration with Outlook Tasks 

Microsoft has been doing a fantastic job making Microsoft Teams the hub for day-to-day work. Part of the is the slow but steady rise in task management integrations. That stated, it’d do well to specifically have Outlook tasks built-into Teams.  

As of this moment, Outlook is the simplest way to see tasks in the Microsoft application. When they could transfer that same interface into Teams (i.e. the opportunity to see payment dates, start dates, and so forth) it could be incredibly convenient. 

2. Improved Exterior Team Integration 

Since we perform a large amount of collaboration with outdoors organizations at AvePoint, we’re all asked to exterior Teams. Though the capability to switch organizations within Microsoft Teams is functional, it’d be better to have the ability to see all of the Teams you’re part of—including exterior Teams—in one central list.  

This would permit you to feel like you’re truly federated with the organization you’re collaborating with. You would not need to switch organizations to talk with exterior collaborators or access certain files everything could be available in one streamlined, convenient interface.  

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3. Exterior User Picture Display  

Whenever you are a part of an exterior Team you do not reach see your collaborator’s photo icon. It might appear small, but having the ability to see who you’re working worth can have a major impact on how comfortable conferences and discussions feel.  

4. Spacebar Mute During Conferences  

Hitting the spacebar enables you to definitely mute and unmute calls in many applications. With Microsoft Teams, however, users need to press CTRL+SHIFT+M on Home windows and Command+Shift+M on Mac for your same action. Again, it’s a rather small ask, but it’ll do wonders when it comes to convenience.  

5. Touchscreen Swipe to retort  

Of all cellular devices, users be capable of swipe to retort to messages. It’d do well to possess that very same type of functionality be readily available for any kind of touchscreen-enabled hardware Microsoft Teams is running on.  

6. Seeing Multiple Time Zones 

You are able to presently change timezones in Microsoft Teams, but you cannot compare timezones for your own or to other people in-application. The opportunity to see multiple time zones at once could be a huge help when scheduling conferences. This is another feature that’s contained in Outlook and should be expanded to Microsoft Teams. 

7. Inviting Specific Channels to Teams Conferences 

You peut-rrtre un can presently designate a specific channel to become used for a meeting. All the content and artifacts associated with that meeting is going to be kept in that funnel. However, whenever you invite that funnel, it really invites the whole Team.  

For instance: AvePoint Public Sector includes a Team and within it’s a funnel for that federal civilian salesforce. can’t invite that specific sales funnel without inviting the whole AvePoint Public Sector Team along by using itIt’d do well if we’re able to just be permitted to ask individuals who carrying out a specific funnel later on. In addition, it’s be especially useful to determine who follows stated funnel. 

8. Easier Locate Specific Threads in Channels  

When looking for a chat that’s inside a conversation, it’d do well to can go straight to where that thread is within the funnel. At time of writing searching for and discover the conversation within the thread, however, you still have to by hand look for where that thread is. 

9. Microsoft Teams Operating in Multiple Home windows within the Desktop Application 

This is among the most requested options that come with all. As you’re working inside Microsoft Teams you will find the ability to browse files, websites, SharePoint lists and libraries, and so forth you are able to basically use it like a portal into different applications. Being in a position to have multiple Teams windows open to higher manage this is huge.   

Another reason people want multiple chat windows is to interrupt out the chat function and examine multiple chats at the same time like Skype for Business permitted. This could are also available in handy when getting a gathering it’d be easy to bust out a chat window while still viewing the everything being presented.  

Like a side note: If the aforementioned ability to have exterior Teams in-line with internal Teams isn’t addressed, being able to view Microsoft Teams in multiple windows will make the procedure of moving between two different organizations much simpler.  

microsoft teams

In Conclusion 

In my opinion that Microsoft Teams will probably be the main way internal collaboration works best for every organization that are operating in Office 365 moving forward. Though email continues to be popular, the retirement of Skype for Business has positioned Microsoft Teams is the premier collaboration platform. Microsoft Teams may also be how we mainly communicate with a lot of the Office apps. Whether it’s Word, Stand out, PowerPoint, or Tasks, rather of opening the particular applications first, we’ll all eventually go to Teams first and obtain redirected towards the appropriate app after that.  

This allows an advanced of commonality of expertise for those. It’ll also pressure individuals to get modern with the way they share links and leverage such things as SharePoint. If Microsoft keeps developing and addressing user demands and needs only at that rapid prace, they’re going to continue to possess a foothold as one from the most powerful collaboration platforms available on the market. 

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