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As Microsoft’s fastest-growing business ever along with a core pillar of their cloud-first strategy, Office 365 is unquestionably likely to dominate a lot of the conversation at Ignite 2016 – happening from September 26-30 in Atlanta, GA. Expect lots of news and updates on Microsoft’s cloud productivity platform throughout the keynote – and expect that you will see an enormous quantity of sessions to go to according to almost anything you would like to understand around the subject.

Actually, a fast search from the session catalog for “Office 365” appears an astonishing 398 sessions – that is nearly another of all of the sessions being presented in the event. Whether you’re searching for product roadmaps, business-oriented guidelines, or technical deep dives, you’ll find plenty to dig into through the Ignite session catalog. It isn’t a stretch to state that you simply won’t have the ability to attend all of them, because Microsoft hasn’t added a self-cloning feature to Office 365…yet.

With a few vigilance in front of the event along with a little help, though, you are able to make sure you get the important information on Office 365 throughout Ignite. While there are other great-searching Office 365 sessions than we’re able to ever list in one blog publish, we’ve come up with a summary of 10 that demonstrate the range of enticing topics being covered.

Browse the list below, stick to the hyperlinks to include any sessions that intrigue you to definitely your calendar, and tell us what you’re most excited to determine by departing a remark!

Find out how SharePoint is reinventing content collaboration: vision and roadmap updates

Starting time and date: 2:15pm-3:30pm on Monday, September 26

Presenters: Shaun Teper – Corporate V . P ., SharePoint and OneDrive, Microsoft Seth Patton – Gm, Microsoft

What to anticipate: Sure to become a hugely popular session, this presentation will share Microsoft’s vision for future years of SharePoint in addition to additional features and enhancements around the roadmap. With Microsoft’s cloud-first vision, expect this session to become Office 365-heavy but additionally potentially offer updates on SharePoint 2016 and hybrid functionality.


Peer under the surface – how Microsoft runs Exchange Online

Starting time and date: 2:15pm-3:30pm on Monday, September 26

Presenter: Eddie Fong – Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft

What to anticipate: Who doesn’t just like a good look under the surface? That one ought to be especially exciting for Office 365 admins – giving a firsthand take a look at how Microsoft operates its massively popular and rapidly growing Exchange Online service.


Uncover what’s new and what’s coming for Office Delve

Starting time and date: 2:15pm-3:30pm on Monday, September 26

Presenter: Mark Kashman – Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

What to anticipate: Roadmap sessions are certain to be popular throughout Ignite, which one on Delve should not be a exception. In discussing what’s new using the revolutionary enterprise search feature for Office 365, the presentation covers new mobile encounters plus much more.


Manage Office 365 better: what’s new at work 365 administration

Starting time and date: 2:15pm-3:30pm on Monday, September 26

Presenter: Anne Michels – Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

What to anticipate: That one ought to be essential-see for Office 365 admins. You’ll likely leave behind this demo-heavy session by having an knowledge of new native features Microsoft lately added for Office 365 management.


Keep the OneDrive and SharePoint content safe

Starting time and date: 9:00am-10:15am on Tuesday, September 27

Presenter: Chris McNulty – Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft

What to anticipate: With recent updates and adding Loss Of Data Prevention (DLP) functionality, Microsoft is constantly on the show the significance of building security measures into its Office 365 offering. This session covers native features that can help to keep content safe in SharePoint On the internet and OneDrive for Business.


Transform understanding management and collaboration with Office 365

Starting time and date: 10:45am-12:00pm , September 27

Presenters: Dan Holme – Director of Product Marketing, SharePoint, Microsoft Susan Hanley – President, Susan Hanley LLC

What to anticipate: This promises to become a great introduction for organizations searching to higher make use of Office 365 apps like SharePoint, Delve, Outlook, and Yammer to talk about many collaborate better. Delivered by Holme and Hanley – two famous SharePoint pros who have brought sessions around the world – it ought to be an entertaining one too.


Get updates on OneDrive for Business

Starting time and date: 10:20am-10:40am on Wednesday, September 28

Presenter: Reuben Krippner – Director of Product Management, Microsoft

What to anticipate: Microsoft has positioned OneDrive for Business like a hugely significant application for user file discussing, sync, and collaboration. This session will showcase what’s coming next – not only for users, however for Office 365 admins handling the system too.


Which means you found a workplace 365 DLP violation…now what?

Starting time and date: 12:40pm-1:00pm on Wednesday, September 28

Presenter: John Hodges – V . P . of Product Strategy, AvePoint

What to anticipate: Microsoft’s native Loss Of Data Prevention (DLP) technology at work 365 is a superb new feature that’s helping organizations stay accustomed to security and compliance violations. What must you do should you encounter one? Hodges will share guidelines and available methods to improve out a strong Office 365 data governance strategy.


Use a proven method to attain project management software success

Starting time and date: 5:05pm-5:25pm on Wednesday, September 28

Presenters: Dux Raymond Sy – CTO, AvePoint Public Sector Mike McLean – Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

What to anticipate: Project On the internet is a rapidly just as one integral project management software tool for organizations within the Microsoft Cloud – but is the company taking full benefit of it? Sy and McLean will share how Office 365 and other associated technologies delivers major value by enhancing project management software.


Uncover Office 365 Groups – overview, what’s new and roadmap

Starting time and date: 10:45am-12:00pm on Thursday, September 27

Presenters: Amit Gupta – Group Program Manager, Microsoft Christophe Fiessinger – Program Manager, Microsoft

What to anticipate: Office 365 Groups are certain to be considered a frequently discussed subject throughout Ignite. This session should provide you with a solid intro to Microsoft’s new group collaboration solution, that is integrated across some of the most generally used Office 365 apps – including SharePoint, Outlook, and Skype for Business. The presentation may also provide you with a take a look at what’s around the roadmap for that feature.


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